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Discover How The Powerful AFL (Assessment, Feedback & Learning) Model Can Help You Bounce Back & CRACK!!! NEET 2023

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Register for FREE LIVE Coaching For NEET

Discover How The Powerful AFL (Assessment, Feedback & Learning) Model Can Help You Bounce Back & CRACK!!! NEET 2023

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Here's what you will get in the Master class :


Get Diagnosed By the Experts

To know about your strengths and weaknesses in the subject, we want you to take this NEET diagnostic test.


Learn LIVE the Quick Revision Techniques Using Mind Maps

Mind Maps are the most powerful tools to learn and revise the subjects and we will teach you how to make it and use it.


Learn How the AFL Model Can Help You Crack NEET?

It is the most powerful and effective model which when practiced, can improve your performance by atleast 10 times.

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Revive the lost hope

More than 90% of students are desperately looking for some kind of help in one or more subjects after preparing for almost one year?

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Find your mentor

Most of the students feel left out and start believing that their coaching institute has started focussing on only top-performing students.

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The drop-out ratio of students from their respective coaching institutes is as high as 40-50% after paying the entire fee of 2 years.

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Our students love us

Devendra Sir mentored me and helped me sail smoothly through the challenging stages of the Junior Science Olympiad (JSO). He sparked my interest in Physics so much so that I was then not ready to stop. He helped me in boosting my concepts in Physics through a thorough analysis of every topic. He gradually built the concepts from absolute basics and ensured that there is no ambiguity. I will always be indebted for his efforts to prepare me in Physics to outshine on the world platform by winning the Gold medal in International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO)

- Bhaskar Gupta (IIT Mumbai)

Gold medalist (InPhO 2018), AIR 30 (IIT advanced), AIR 7 (JEE mains), Gold medalist (IJSO 2015)

I took online classes from Devendra & Pankaj Sir, they always focussed on conceptual learning and helped me develop the inquisitiveness towards understanding the basics of the subject. This helped me solve the tricky questions also with ease. I thank both of them for being so motivating & encouraging all through my preparation

- Shivani Shinde

(MHCET 62 rank, G S Medical College Mumbai)

Devendra Sir never doubted my capability and continuously pushed me to do my best. His advice and guidance will truly help me throughout life. Overall my experience at APTACADS is one of the best I ever had.

- Ronak Matai

(99.99 percentile JEE mains 2020, IITJEE advanced AIR 2387)

Know your mentors

I am a Physics educator, author, and ed-tech entrepreneur.

My mission is to help students preparing for NEET, IITJEE, and other competitive exams in their learning endeavors and to help them create a super success using the power of technology.

 I have helped my students secure All India Ranks at the IIT JEE examination and NEET  and GOLD medals in National and International Junior Science Olympiads and Physics Olympiads

 If you desire success in any of these exams or want to learn Physics for IITJEE, NEET, Boards, or AP then I am only a click away. 

- Devenndra Chaandrakar

I am Dr. Pankaj Kumar, a Biology Mentor for Medical Test Prep Course. .

I have authored several best-selling books in Biology and I am mainly known for developing Mind Maps Tools for NEET aspirants.
I am among the pioneers of Online Education in India.

I have mentored Mht-CET Rank 8, 62, 200 (2015), Mht-CET Rank 30, 48 (2016), NEET Rank 368 (2017), Rank 862, 368 (AIIMS) are some of the recently mentored ranks and more importantly, all are taught by Online mode of education.

The success mantra for NEET is hard consistent work and smart preparation.

If you are looking for being a part of the success story I am also keen to take you forward to the enjoyable journey of learning with purpose and for this, I am just a click away.

- Dr. Pankaj Kumar

I am Suman Prakash, Chemistry Professor, and NEET/JEE, mentor. In the last 22 years, I have mentored more than 15000 students enabling many of those to attain top rank in JEE. Students trained by me have secured AIR 9, 69, 102, 163, 197,332, 363, and many more.

I have taught students in different geographies ranging from different emirates of UAE to different parts of India which include cities like Delhi, Patna, Jammu, Mumbai, Pune, etc.

In this endeavor. I, along with my like-minded friends with whom I have worked for years, am trying to bring the best quality of JEE/ NEET training to all of you in the safe and secure environment of your home digitally at a very affordable cost.

- Suman Prakash

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